Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Recordings by Hypnotist Isabella Valentine

Isabella Valentine
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Shemale Therapist

Erotic Hypnosis MP3

Format: MP3
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects: Many
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: No
Overdubbing Vocals: No
Length: 31 minutes, 17 seconds
Zip File Size : Approx. 59 MB
Price: $35.00

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Shemale Therapist MP3 by Isabella Valentine

Your regular therapist has taken the day off and instead... you find Me waiting for you. Come in to My office and have a seat. I've been told ALL about you and I think I have just the thing to help transform your life and revitalize your body.

Your other therapist said you have problems "adapting to change," well... I have the solution that will help you see the entire world in a completely new way. Oh don't worry. You won't even see it coming. I'm going to hypnotize you first. You've never been hypnotized before? No problem. Just follow My instructions. I'm a doctor. I'm a professional and you can TRUST Me.

Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, naughty therapist, shemale cock with breasts, cocksucking, ass fucking, handjob stroking, cum facial, light spanking, namecalling, arousal triggers and commands, arousing post-hypnotic suggestion, an unexpected semi-evil post-hypnotic suggestion, an orgasm command, amnesia triggers, and an aftertaste with wakeup.