Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Recordings by Hypnotist Isabella Valentine

Isabella Valentine
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Erotic Hypnosis Video

Format: WMV - video quality average
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects: None
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: Yes Hypnotic Trancescapes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes (Hypnotic Surrender)
Length: 12 minutes, 06 seconds
Price: $35.00

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Hypnosis Eyes Video by Isabella Valentine

This video includes seductive erotic hypnosis induction featuring my face, eyes, lips, hair, lipgloss, diamond (yes they are real) earrings, and even a silver necklace (that a hypnotized slave purchased for me) used to help hypnotize you deeper. Keep in mind that this video only shows my face and shoulders and does not show the rest of my body. There is a lot of video editing and moves from one shot to the next, which to me, is much more entertaining as well as hypnotic. If you prefer a hypno video that "stays in one spot" the whole time, this video is not for you. There are no triggers, but there is a post-hypnotic suggestion.

Fetishes include: love and addiction, eyes and lips fetishes, watching me put on lipgloss, seductive teasing, subliminal nude photos of Sunny Leone flashing sporatically, long eyelashes, eyelash crystals, breakdown of resistance, losing control, consistent repetition, and a post-hypnotic suggestion to buy a recording from me.

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