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Isabella Valentine
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Gender Blender Sample

Erotic Hypnosis MP3

Format: MP3
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects: Delay
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: No
Length: 25 minutes, 04 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 47 MB
Price: $35.00

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Gender Blender by Isabella Valentine and slave deidre

If you liked the Isabella's Sex Slave recording, then you'll love how I hypnotized deidre later... here!

Goddess Isabella hypnotizes slave deidre a lot faster and easier after the "Isabella's Sex Slave" recording!

Isabella hypnotizes deidre to drink two drinks. The first drink is truth serum that makes deidre tell the truth no matter what Isabella asks her. Goddess asks deidre some sexual and personal questions and finds out just how aroused she really is! The second drink is a "genderbending" drink that makes deidre believe that Isabella is really a hot man.

That's right! I hypnotized deidre to believe I was a man! This, of course, turns deidre on immensely and she craves My cock and I make her worship it on her knees.

It was soooo incredibly hot and I've had this fantasy for years and years and yeeeears. I had her calling Me "Sir" and thinking I was a man and doing anything in the world to please Me. And the whole time I was using trigger words to arouse her. It was very erotic and it turned Me on completely. Soooo erotic! You have to hear it to believe it!

Recording includes:
Erotic hypnosis, genderbending, female to male hypnosis, lesbianism, transgender play, cocksucking, truth serum, arousal triggers, orgasm triggers, amnesia triggers, cum in mouth, and Isabella as a man.